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Mage Application (Approved) Empty Mage Application (Approved)

Post  Aldrenia on Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:56 am


Age: 27

Nationality: Greek

Character name: Aldrenia

Character class: Mage

Character Role/offrole(s):My mainspec is chloromancer spec36 chloro /30 warlock (main spec) and dps spec necro 33/lock 33 and stormcaller 32 elementalist 34. Also playing archon51/domi10/elementalist5

Character professions: Outfiter , Runecrafter, Butcher

Previous guild(s): Cookie Squad , Relentless

Reason(s) for leaving previous guild(s): I left Cookie Squad cause there was a fixed group of people running dungeons and they were like try pug people. After 4rth time i had that answer or no reply in getting at the fixed group as we didnt have any other 50s i went to Relentless. I dont have some specific problem for leaving them , its just that raids taking too long and i am not really happy from the performance of a lot of people .

Reasons why you would like to join (and what you expect from Nescio):
What you think you can bring to Nescio: From my first days in raiding i liked the feeling you get when you defeat an instance boss, being the first or the last boss of any instance. The sheer feeling of adrenaline during combat and finally it's demise brings great satisfaction to myself and furthermore to the guild's spirit. Being able to work as a team is the key to accomplish such a task and I feel I have the requirements for it. I always felt being a competitive player in most of the games I play apart from Rift. I'm also a quick learner when it comes to overcoming obstacles or learning a hard fight and I feel like I will be a great addition to your raiding roster to help you with your progress.

Previous MMORPG expierence: The first MMO i played was City of Heroes for one year which i stoped cause i had to to go army. The mmo i have play the longest is World of Warcraft which i started playing at 2004 till now with like 7 month break in total. I have raid from vanilla since Woltk as Rogue and in Cataclysm as DK. Others mmo i tried was Age of Conan till lvl 80 where i got dissapointed from end game and community and stoped. I also tried Dc Universe till max lvl and did some instancing but i didnt like it much .Except those mmos that i hitted max lvl, have tried Aions till lvl 33, Atlantica online, city of villain, Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars

Available raid days: Monday to Thursday after 17.00 (wow time as i have problem with the ingame time) and Sunday.

How did you hear of Nescio: From Crumpet in reqruitment channel .

Do you have TeamSpeak 3 and working microphone? Yes and yes


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Mage Application (Approved) Empty Re: Mage Application (Approved)

Post  Circe on Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:14 am

Welcome! Smile

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