Terya Healing Cleric (Accepted)

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Terya Healing Cleric (Accepted) Empty Terya Healing Cleric (Accepted)

Post  Terya on Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:35 pm




Character name:

Character class:

Character Role/offrole(s):
Tank Healer/Raid Healer

Character professions:
Apothecary (220), Foraging (227), Artificer (99)

Previous guild(s):

Reason(s) for leaving previous guild(s):
Almost no guild-wide coordination. Just 2-3 attempts to do Greenscale every week, but most of these didn't even happen. No crafting coordination, no other events, no officers making and leading groups with other members etc.

Reasons why you would like to join (and what you expect from Nescio):
The group I have been doing instances with is all applying to join you guys. I expect besides Greenscale raiding that the officers mix a lot more with the other members and organise more small stuff.

What you think you can bring to Nescio:
Good healing ofcourse. And some articles about roles, gear etc. on the forums.

Previous MMORPG expierence:
Warhammer Online. Made it to RR 80 as Sorcerer in almost a year and leveled a DoK to RR 75 after I got bored with Sorc. Started with leading a guild of old beta testers and lead that for almost a year. Later joined a Semi-Hardcore PvP guild.

Available raid days:
Never on Thursdays, most other days I'm available, unless I have real life stuff to do ofcourse.

How did you hear of Nescio:
From those friends in RELENTLESS.

Do you have TeamSpeak 3 and working microphone?


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