BH looking for Raid Partnership (Edited)

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BH looking for Raid Partnership (Edited) Empty BH looking for Raid Partnership (Edited)

Post  Traxes on Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:22 pm


I noticed Taifon writing in public chat that you guys looking for 5-10 ppl for Raid.
So i contacted him about us that we search a guild as Partnership for the big Raid dungeons since we are right now to small to do them (5-7) actives at the evening daily. We are right now T1/2 equiped and mostly a PvP guild .. but with some PvE background.

Some of us coming out of the successfull PvE "Affenjungs INC" Top 1 Raidguild on Frostwolf(WoW).

we have right now 3 clerics on lvl 50, 2 rouges, 1 Mage and 2 Warriors on max level.

we are aswell accepting any sort of DKP system of the partner Guild.

we ofc prefer to play with mature people since we are all around 20-26 and knowing each other over several years of other games like Darkfall and stuff.

if you guys interrested just PM Trax / Domux / Mongbat

so long Trax


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BH looking for Raid Partnership (Edited) Empty Dear BH,

Post  ihQprinsessa on Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:55 am

We have decided that we can loan you players from our pool for raids or even offer you all a membership with Nescio. We soon have very big pool of players, so we dont need a raid partnership but we are glad to offer your our players or a includement in our pool. You can still remain autonomous sub-group, but you get a high chance of being picked up on events Smile

PM any officer ingame to give your answer to our offer. You can pm Nagoth, Taifon or me, ihQprinsessa.

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